Agriculture is the source of life, so our passion is to provide high quality agricultural products and excellent agricultural services.

Cantaloupe and Green Vegetables is not only our business, it is also our passion.

NONG PHAT consists of professional Engineers with the support of Experts from Japan, always dedicated to the purpose of developing and introducing a new set of standards for Cantaloupe and Green Vegetables in Vietnam.

Carefully cared for by a team of dedicated farmers, we provide safe and fresh cantaloupe and green vegetables from farm to table that meet GLOBALG.A.P. standards.

Nong Phat also distributes carefully selected plant varieties from reputable suppliers in the world. We are always looking for, testing and adding the latest varieties of Vegetables, Tubers and Fruits to provide professional gardeners to create outstanding products in terms of quality and productivity, contributing to prosperous development of agriculture.

In order to contribute to improving the position of agricultural products that meet export standards, our team of Engineers and Agricultural Experts wish to transfer techniques to new partners entering the agricultural field with many challenges, in order to save investment costs and shorten the time to learn.

Turnkey is the smartest and fastest step to successful development in high-tech agriculture.

Thanks to the excellent production results we have achieved, we ensure sustainability for the growers to accompany in ensuring the quality of agricultural products and a stable market for consumption.