Processed cantaloupe


    Cantaloupe is a plant that is very suitable for the climate of Vietnam, so the quality is excellent.

    Our farm imports the best varieties of Melon from Japan, after careful selection and testing, we put it into cultivation to produce the most delicious Melons.

    In order to be able to serve the tastes of international diners who cannot afford to come to Vietnam, we have launched the product Frozen Sliced Melon for export.

    With high-tech agricultural farm management technology, delicious cantaloupe fruits are carefully selected to be frozen raw materials (IQF) for export.

    With modern freezing line, our frozen cantaloupe products still retain the sweetness, aroma and rich color of nature as if they were freshly harvested.

    Characteristics and advantages of IQF frozen cantaloupe

    • Color: bold and bright.
    • Smell: typical aroma of Japanese melon.
    • Taste: sweet bar cools off at the tip of the tongue from the first bite.


    • GLOBALG.A.P.
    • Organic farming.
    • Do not use genetically modified varieties
    • No growth stimulants.
    • No harmful chemicals.