Bok choy MOJITO


    • Bok choy MOJITO has a beautiful green color. Fresh crispy green cool, very delicious when stir-fried. Lots of fiber.
    • When entering the body, bok choy MOJITO promotes bowel movements, so it helps the digestion process to take place better. Through it, bad fats and toxic substances are excreted from the body. Therefore, regular use of MOJITO bok choy will contribute to reducing blood fat.
    • Bok choy MOJITO is grown hydroponically in the direction of Organic, the product is ensured safe for your peace of mind.
    • With criteria 5 NOs:
      1. No herbicides.
      2. Non-GMO.
      3. No growth stimulant.
      4. No harmful chemicals.
      5. No Preservatives.